The 12th International Course on the Pathology of the Digestive System

Invited country: Italy

  • Bucharest,  1-2 November 2019
  • Location: National Institute of Pathology “Victor Babes” –  99-101, Splaiul Independenței 


The 12th Course on Digestive Pathology


Victor Babes National Institute of Pathology

1-2 November 2019

Friday, 1st of November, 2019

07.30-08.50: Registration

08.50-09.00: Opening ceremony

09.00-09.45: Hala El-Zimaity – Intraepithelial lymphocytosis with and without atrophy of the duodenal mucosa.

09.45-10.30: Laurence de Leval – Pathology of the gastrointestinal lymphomas.

10.30-11.00: Robert Riddell – Slide seminar cases

11.00-11.30: Coffee-break

11.30-12.15: Magali Svrcek – Pathology and molecular features of the colorectal cancer.

12.15-12.45: Ilie M Diculescu ConferenceGabrio Bassotti – Colonic motility in health and constipation: the Perugia experience

12.45-14.00: Lunch

14.00-14.45: Robert Riddell – Neoplasms of the appendix.

14.45-15.30: Jean Francois Flejou – The 5th WHO classification of tumours of the digestive tract: new concepts, new entities

15.30-16.00: Bernhard Stamm – Pyloric Gland Adenoma of the Duodenum: case report and some differential diagnostic aspects.

16.00-16.30: Coffee-break

16.30-17.15: Robert Riddell – Gastric polyps, polyposis and cancer syndromes including NETs.

17.15-17.45: Francois Faitot – Postsurgical/post-transplant liver metabolism and relation with histological changes.

Saturday, 2nd of November, 2019

ITALY DAY: Focus on IBD and non-IBD colitis

Vincenzo Villanacci, Gabrio Bassotti, Elisabetta Antonelli, Tiziana Salviato, Luca Reggiani Bonetti, Elena Milanesi

09.00-09.10: Vincenzo Villanacci – Introduction

09.10-09.30: Elena Milanesi – Convergent functional genomic-like approach to identify and prioritize biomarkers in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

09.30-10.00: Elisabetta Antonelli – Novel oral-targeted therapies for mucosal healing in ulcerative colitis

10.00-10.30: Vincenzo Villanacci – Mucosal healing: the histopathologist point of view

10.30-11.00: Gabrio Bassotti – IBD and functional disorders

11.00-11.30: Coffee break

11.30-12.00: Luca Reggiani Bonetti – Histology of IBD and related colitides in older patients

12.00-12.30: Tiziano Salviato – Resections specimens, CMV

12.30-13.30: Vincenzo Villanacci – Non-IBD colitis

13.30-14.00: Discusions

14.00-14.30: Closing ceremony